General Utility Library for C++14  2.11
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Utility types and tags like in_place_t and monostate.


struct  gul14::in_place_t
 A type for constructor disambiguation, used by gul14::expected, gul14::optional, and gul14::variant. More...
struct  gul14::in_place_type_t< T >
 A type for constructor disambiguation. More...
struct  gul14::in_place_index_t< I >
 A type for constructor disambiguation. More...
struct  gul14::monostate
 A well-behaved empty type for use with gul14::variant and gul14::expected. More...
struct  std::hash< gul14::monostate >
 Specialization of std::hash for gul14::monostate. More...


constexpr bool gul14::operator< (monostate, monostate) noexcept
constexpr bool gul14::operator> (monostate, monostate) noexcept
constexpr bool gul14::operator<= (monostate, monostate) noexcept
constexpr bool gul14::operator>= (monostate, monostate) noexcept
constexpr bool gul14::operator== (monostate, monostate) noexcept
constexpr bool gul14::operator!= (monostate, monostate) noexcept