General Utility Library for C++14  2.11
How to Include GUL14 Headers

All header files of the library reside under gul14/ with no further subdirectories.

To get access to almost all of GUL14's functionality, it is sufficient to include the all-in-one header:

#include <gul14/gul.h>
Main include file for the General Utility Library.

Two specific header files are not included by this all-in-one header:

  • gul14/catch.h: The header file for the Catch2 unit test framework
  • gul14/date.h: Howard Hinnant's header for calendar date functionality

While the unit test framework is simply not useful for inclusion into regular code, date.h is excluded chiefly because of its negative impact on compile times. Just include it directly where needed.

If you prefer to shave the last seconds off your build times, you are of course free to include also the other GUL14 headers individually without going through gul.h. Just follow the documentation of the classes and functions you use to find the associated header files.

We do not guarantee that individual header file names will never change (except for gul14/gul.h), but we can assure you that this will happen rarely, if ever.