General Utility Library for C++14  2.7
Using GUL on Windows

GUL can be built on Windows with the Meson build system and the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

Please refer to in our source code repository for details. By default, both a static and a dynamic library (a DLL) are built.

Because of the way DLLs work in Windows, the GUL header files must differentiate between a statically and a dynamically linked library. GUL does this by means of a preprocessor macro, GUL_USING_STATIC_LIB_OR_OBJECTS. We assume that most users will prefer the DLL version, therefore we treat this as the default case:

  • If you link your code against the DLL, there is no need to take any further action. The header files already provide the necessary import declarations.
  • If you link your code against the static library (or directly against GUL's object files), you must define the macro GUL_USING_STATIC_LIB_OR_OBJECTS. This will suppress the DLL import declarations.

On other platforms and compilers, the macro is meaningless.